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Derek Kinnison’s Sentence Could be Reduced Due to Supreme Court Ruling

A federal prison in Victorville currently holds Derek Kinnison, who received a two-year and nine-month sentence for obstruction during the Jan. 6 Capitol attack. However, following a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision on June 28, Kinnison hopes for an early release. The ruling impacts how federal prosecutors can utilize the obstruction law against rioters, including Kinnison, a resident of Lake Elsinore.

Supreme Court Decision Affects Capitol Riot Cases

With more than 1,300 individuals facing federal charges related to the January 6th breach, the Supreme Court’s ruling is a game-changer. Kinnison’s attorney, Nicolai Cocis, anticipates a significant reduction in his client’s sentence, possibly by as much as two-thirds.

Conviction Details and Sentences

Aside from obstruction, Kinnison faced additional charges, such as tampering with documents, entering restricted grounds, and disruptive conduct. Along with three other individuals, including Erik Scott Warner and Felipe Antonio Martinez, he was found guilty after a 17-day trial in Washington, D.C.

Background and Motivations

Kinnison, a member of the Three Percenters group, viewed his trip to D.C. as a show of support for Donald Trump. Despite bringing protective gear, Cocis explained that it was in response to perceived threats from counter-protesters.

Legal Implications and Prosecutor Challenges

The Supreme Court’s ruling narrows the scope of the obstruction law, focusing on specific acts like tampering with records. This presents challenges for prosecutors in cases related to the Capitol riot, requiring them to prove more complex charges.

Future Outlook for Capitol Riot Defendants

As legal experts predict ongoing court battles and challenges for defendants, the impact of the Supreme Court decision will be most significant for those still awaiting trial. Plea deals may limit the relief available to those who have already pleaded guilty.

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