Continued Excessive Heat Expected This Week Following Record High Temperatures

Heat Alerts Across the Lower 48

Excessive Heat Warnings on Both Coasts

More than 135 million people across the Lower 48 are currently under heat alerts, including major cities on both coasts. These alerts have been in effect for several days and are expected to continue through the weekend. The scorching heat follows a record-breaking start to July, with numerous heat records set across the country.

Extreme Heat in the West and East

In the West, cities like Phoenix, Las Vegas, and San Jose are under excessive-heat warnings. Meanwhile, the East coast is experiencing heat advisories from South Carolina to Massachusetts, including major cities like Washington, Baltimore, and Boston. Heat indexes are expected to reach 105 to 110 along the Interstate 95 corridor.

Forecast for Extreme Heat Levels

Large parts of the Lower 48 are predicted to face “major” to “extreme” HeatRisk levels, with some areas reaching Level 4 on the federal government’s scale. The most severe Level 4 HeatRisk is concentrated in the Desert Southwest, where Las Vegas recently recorded a historic high temperature of 120 degrees.

Continued Heat Predictions

The upcoming days will bring more extreme heat, especially in the western United States. Record-breaking temperatures are expected in states like Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, and Arizona. Las Vegas could hit 119 degrees, close to its all-time high of 120 degrees. Other regions, including parts of Southern California and Arizona, may see temperatures exceeding 120 degrees.

Persistence of High Temperatures

Despite a slight decrease in temperatures over the weekend, the heat dome responsible for the intense high-pressure system is likely to persist. The eastern U.S. may see a temporary relief due to a cool front passing through, but the heat is expected to return over the weekend and into the following week.

Records Broken Across the Country

Since the beginning of July, hundreds of heat records have been shattered, particularly in the West. Record highs have outnumbered lows by a significant margin, with daily records being set continuously. Cities like Las Vegas, Reno, and Redding have experienced all-time highs, with temperatures soaring above 120 degrees in some areas.

Climate Change Impact on Heat Waves

Scientific research indicates that human-induced climate change is intensifying heat waves by increasing their frequency and severity. Recent high temperatures are attributed to climate change, making extreme heat events more likely in various regions. The ongoing trend of record-breaking temperatures globally underscores the impact of climate change on our environment.

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