Discover How to Claim Your Portion of $8.8 Billion in Home Energy Rebates through the Inflation Reduction Act

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What is the Inflation Reduction Act?

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is a groundbreaking climate legislation signed into law by President Biden in 2022, allocating $369 billion to combat rising global temperatures.

As part of this initiative, rebates are being offered to homeowners for energy-efficient upgrades, with $8.8 billion distributed to states, territories, and tribes. The funding is split between the Home Efficiency Rebates program and the Home Electrification and Appliance Rebates program.

States like New York have already started receiving funds, with other states expected to follow suit soon.

Why is the IRA important?

These rebates aim to offset costs associated with energy-efficient upgrades in homes, such as heat pumps, induction stoves, solar panels, and Energy Star-rated appliances. By making these upgrades more affordable, the IRA plays a crucial role in reducing reliance on dirty energy sources.

How to get the most out of the IRA

When these rebates become available in your state, it’s essential to be prepared to take advantage of them. Tools like those offered by Rewiring America can help you navigate tax incentives, find contractors, and make the upgrade process more cost-effective.

Cleaner homes not only benefit the planet but can also lead to cost savings for homeowners. Stay informed and make the most of available incentives to create a more sustainable living environment.

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