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U.S. Energy Secretary Visits Northern Nevada to Discuss Biden Administration’s Strategy

U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm made a stop in Northern Nevada to highlight the Biden Administration’s national industrial strategy. Granholm, a former governor of Michigan, emphasized the importance of revitalizing the industrial base in the United States.

The Need for a National Industrial Strategy

Granholm addressed state and local leaders, along with members of the clean energy industry, at the Truckee Meadows Community College. She pointed out the lack of a national industrial strategy in the U.S., which has contributed to the decline of manufacturing and outsourcing to other countries, particularly China.

Biden Administration’s Approach

The Biden Administration aims to subsidize and incentivize new manufacturing in the country to boost economic activity and secure domestic supply lines. This strategy is supported by key bills such as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the Inflation Reduction Act, and the CHIPS and Science Act.

clean energy Focus

President Biden’s goal is to transition to a carbon-free power sector by 2035 and achieve a net-zero emissions economy by 2050. This commitment aligns with the emphasis on clean energy and sustainability in the administration’s industrial plans.

Nevada’s Role in Industrial Growth

Granholm highlighted Nevada’s potential for developing a robust economic cluster around batteries. The state’s resources and existing infrastructure make it a prime location for manufacturing and processing critical minerals for battery production.

American Battery Technology Company’s Contributions

During her visit, Granholm toured the lithium-ion battery recycling plant of American Battery Technology Company (ABTC) at the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center. The plant received significant funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to support its operations and expansion.

Economic Impact and Job Creation

Granholm underscored the importance of creating incentives for companies to invest in American manufacturing. These initiatives have led to the establishment of new factories and job opportunities in Nevada, contributing to the state’s economic growth.

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