Expert Shares Tips on Boosting Energy Levels Through Proper Nutrition

### Understanding the Relationship Between Diet and Energy Levels

How energetic we feel throughout the day can be influenced by various factors such as sleep quality, physical activity, stress levels, and diet. When it comes to diet, there are specific healthy practices that can be incorporated to enhance the energy derived from the food consumed. Contrary to popular belief, obtaining more energy does not necessarily equate to consuming more food. The key lies in maintaining steady levels of glucose, the primary sugar in the blood. According to French biochemist Jessie Inchauspe, excessive glucose intake, mainly from carbohydrates and sugars, does not result in increased energy levels. Instead, it leads to decreased energy, as the body becomes overwhelmed with glucose.

### Importance of Balanced Diet for Energy Boost

To optimize energy levels, it is crucial to maintain a balanced diet that includes a variety of unrefined carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Emphasizing the consumption of vegetables, whole grains, and healthy oils can significantly contribute to overall energy levels. Harvard Health recommends a diet rich in these components to support a sustainable and consistent source of energy throughout the day.

### Expert Tips for Improved Energy Levels

In addition to a balanced diet, Jessie Inchauspe has shared valuable diet-related tips to enhance energy levels. These tips include starting the day with a savoury breakfast, incorporating a plate of vegetables at the beginning of meals to prevent glucose spikes, using vinegar dressing on starter veggies to slow down glucose conversion, consuming whole fruits instead of juices or dried versions, and saving sweet foods for the end of a meal to avoid sudden glucose spikes.

### Disclaimer: Consult a Medical Professional

It is essential to note that the information provided is for general knowledge and should not replace professional medical advice. Consulting a specialist or doctor for personalized guidance on diet and energy levels is recommended. NDTV does not take responsibility for individual health decisions based on this information.

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