Fashion Designer Isabela Capeto’s Vibrant Rio Apartment: A Carnival of Color | Interiors

### Isabela Capeto’s Dream Home Overlooking Sugarloaf Mountain

Isabela Capeto, a fashion designer, fulfilled her dream of living in front of a breathtaking view of Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro eight years ago. Mesmerized by the view and the vintage style of the 1940s building, Isabela has created a space that reflects her love for hosting friends and her passion for design.

### Personal Touches and Handmade Decor

As the owner of a handmade fashion brand, Isabela has personally decorated her apartment with a mix of colors and prints from her collections. She incorporates fabrics from her travels, especially from Marimekko, a Scandinavian brand she adores. Every three years, she completely changes the decor, viewing it as a creative exercise that reflects her confidence as a fashion designer.

### Meeting Place for Friends and Art Collection

Isabela has transformed her apartment into a meeting place for friends, creating an open and inviting space. She fills her home with flowers and plants from her aunt’s garden every weekend. Her kitchen, filled with works of art, is one of her favorite areas, showcasing a colorful mix of pots, bowls, fruits, and flowers.

### Unique Decor and Art Collection

In the living room, Isabela has incorporated a striped green and white fabric from Entreposto and a painting by Dutch artist Gerben Mulder. Her kitchen features small paintings by unknown artists from Mexico and ceiling figures painted by tattoo artist Bernardo Perpétuo. The bedroom showcases fabric from her own collections and artwork by Brazilian and comic artists.

### Soulful Decor and Iconic Furniture

Isabela’s home reflects her love for decorating with soul and history, showcasing iconic furniture by modernist designer Sergio Rodrigues. As an informal art collector, she cherishes works of art that have been with her for a long time, showcasing her unique style and personal touch in every corner of her home.

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