Five individuals accused of attempting to bribe jurors in Covid fraud trial

US Trial Bribery Scandal Uncovered

US Trial Bribery Scandal Uncovered

Attempted Bribery in US Pandemic Fraud Trial

Five individuals face charges for allegedly offering a $120,000 cash bribe to a juror in an attempt to interfere with a conviction in a US pandemic fraud trial.

The juror, a 23-year-old woman, reported receiving a gift bag filled with cash during the closing days of the federal criminal trial in Minneapolis.

Prosecutors’ Response and Charges

Assistant US Attorney Joseph Thompson likened the alleged scheme to scenarios seen in mob movies, highlighting the severity of the situation.

Prosecutors have charged a total of 70 individuals with stealing $250 million from federal food programs during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Among the accused are individuals who engaged in providing false information and creating fraudulent documentation to embezzle millions of dollars.

Charges and Allegations

Abdiaziz Shafii Farah, Abdimajid Mohamed Nur, Said Shafii Farah, Abdulkarim Shafii Farah, and Ladan Mohamed Ali are facing charges related to conspiracy to bribe a juror, juror bribery, and corruptly influencing a juror.

US Attorney Andrew Luger condemned the bribery attempt as a “chilling attack on our justice system,” commending the juror’s integrity for not succumbing to the bribe.

The group allegedly targeted the juror due to her age and ethnicity, believing her to be susceptible to their influence.

Details of the Embezzlement Case

The trial involved the theft of over $40 million by individuals associated with Feeding Our Future, a charity that misused funds from a federal food-aid program intended for underprivileged children.

While five defendants were convicted in the embezzlement case, two others were acquitted by the jury.

Plot to Influence Jury Decision

The accused individuals sought to manipulate the juror into convincing the rest of the panel that prosecutors were racially biased, hoping for acquittal.

They devised a strategy to discredit the prosecution by claiming discrimination and lack of respect towards immigrants.

One defendant flew from Seattle to Minneapolis to track the juror’s movements and deliver cash to her family in exchange for influencing the jury’s decision.

Legal Ramifications

Bribing a juror is a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison, underscoring the seriousness of the crime.

This case marks the first criminal instance in the state of Minnesota involving an attempted bribery of a federal juror.

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