Fox News’ fearmongering may incite disastrous election outcomes

The Ongoing Cycle of Election Lies

As the 2024 election looms closer, the echoes of the January 6, 2021 insurrection are growing louder. Right-wing media outlets are already fueling narratives that preemptively discredit a potential defeat for former President Donald Trump.

Priming Audiences for Disbelief

Fox News figures like Greg Gutfeld are sowing seeds of doubt, suggesting that only fraud can explain a scenario where President Joe Biden loses. Gutfeld questions the legitimacy of any outcome that doesn’t align with his narrative, urging viewers to question the validity of election results.

Spreading Misinformation

Other Fox News hosts, such as Laura Ingraham and Jesse Watters, continue to push false claims about election integrity. Ingraham alleges that Democrats will resort to cheating, while Watters calls for banning ballot drop boxes, falsely asserting the risk of fraud.

Normalization of Election Denial

Despite the repercussions Fox News faced for promoting election denial in 2020, the network’s hosts persist in perpetuating baseless claims of Democratic election rigging. The relentless pressure from Trumpist influencers like Steve Bannon has transformed election denial from a fringe belief to a core GOP tenet.

Risks of Disinformation Campaigns

The dangers of spreading misinformation about election fraud were starkly evident in the aftermath of the 2020 election. Trump and his allies’ deliberate efforts to delegitimize the vote culminated in the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, fueled by a base unwilling to accept defeat.

Threats to Democratic Norms

With the 2024 election approaching, the groundwork for potential election subversion is being laid once more. Trump and his allies continue to cast doubt on the electoral process, signaling a willingness to resort to political violence if necessary.

Upholding Democracy

The challenge to safeguard democratic norms and the integrity of the electoral system remains paramount. As propagandists in the right-wing media ecosystem amplify false narratives, the need for vigilance against election lies is more crucial than ever.

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