Harry Dunn addresses disrespectful behavior from Pennsylvania Republicans

Former US Capitol Police Officers Heckled by House Republicans

Former US Capitol Police officer, Harry Dunn, and Sergeant Aquilino Gonell faced heckling from House Republican lawmakers during a recent event.

Dunn’s Response to Republican Behavior

In an interview with The Keystone, Dunn addressed the “grandstanding” behavior displayed by some House Republicans, calling it attention-seeking.

Republicans Walk Out During Honor Ceremony

House Speaker Joanna McClinton was honoring Dunn and Gonell as special guests when Pennsylvania House Republicans walked out of the chamber.

Reaction to Republican Walkout

Dunn expressed that he wasn’t surprised by the actions of Trump supporters, highlighting his expectation of their behavior.

Press Conference by Former Officers

Traveling in Pennsylvania, Dunn and Gonell are warning residents about the potential consequences of a second Trump term, emphasizing the normalization of political violence by Trump.

Republican Lawmakers’ Behavior

State Reps. Barb Gleim, Stephanie Borowicz, and Leslie Rossi were among the lawmakers who heckled Dunn and Gonell, with Borowicz even referring to the officers as “traitors.”

Efforts for Biden’s Reelection Campaign

Dunn and Gonell are actively campaigning for President Joe Biden’s reelection, targeting average Americans who want to understand the implications of another Trump presidency.


Sean Kitchen, the political correspondent for The Keystone, provides insights into the events unfolding in Pennsylvania’s political landscape, shedding light on the interactions between former officers and Republican lawmakers.

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