Have you suffered from eyebrow blindness? Women share hilarious throwback photos of their wild eyebrows

### The Rise of Eyebrow Trends

Over the past decades, there have been tons of eyebrow trends that have taken the beauty world by storm. From skinny ‘sperm’ brows in the early 2000s, to the 2016 ‘block brows’ inspired by Kylie Jenner, to the spiky soap brows of today – we’ve seen it all. Not to mention all of the viral products that were piled on, too, like the Anastasia Brow Dip and Wunderbrow gel.

### What is ‘Eyebrow Blindness’?

TikTok has coined a term for the phenomenon of looking back on past eyebrow styles and cringing – ‘eyebrow blindness.’ Medical esthetician Cassandra Bankson defined it as ‘being blind to something that is trendy [but] not necessarily good for long term health or beauty.’ Comedian Taylor Tomlinson also joked about it during a recent episode of her show, After Midnight, on CBS, calling it an ‘all-too common medical issue’ where individuals are unable to tell that their eyebrows ‘look insane.’

### TikTok Takes Over

The viral term ‘eyebrow blindness’ has taken over TikTok, with users posting hilarious and shocking videos of their eyebrow transformations. One TikTok user named Bryn Sato even garnered over 4.2 million views on her video showcasing her stunning ‘brow blindness,’ with viewers amazed by the drastic changes in her eyebrows over time.

### Eyebrow Transformation Stories

TikTok creator Jenell Hitch Garrett showcased her thick and blocky brows from the past, while Katie Gray illustrated her unique eyebrow style of outlining but not fully filling in her brows. Professional hair and makeup artist Izzy also shared her eyebrow transformation journey, admitting to painting on thick, dark, and sharply lined brows daily in the past – a stark contrast to her blonde hair. The comments section on these videos were flooded with reactions, ranging from shock to amusement at the eyebrow transformations.

As TikTok continues to showcase these eyebrow transformation stories, it’s clear that ‘eyebrow blindness’ is a relatable and entertaining trend that many individuals can look back on and laugh at their past beauty choices.

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