Hotel workers in Milwaukee fired following the death of Black man restrained outside

Tragic Incident at Hyatt Regency Milwaukee

Employees Fired in Tragic Incident at Hyatt Regency Milwaukee

Termination Announcement

Aimbridge Hospitality has announced the termination of employees allegedly involved in the death of Dvontaye Mitchell outside the Hyatt Regency Milwaukee. The organization expressed deep sympathies to Mitchell’s family and stated that the terminated conduct violated company policies and values.

Hyatt’s Response

Hyatt supported the family’s call for transparency and justice, emphasizing the need for accountability in this tragic incident. The family also demands criminal charges to be filed in the case.

Family’s Perspective

Mitchell’s family, after viewing surveillance footage, described a harrowing scene of an unarmed man being restrained in a violent manner. They disputed the initial account provided by authorities and expressed shock and disgust at the events that unfolded.

Legal Team’s Statements

Renowned civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump condemned the actions of the security personnel, emphasizing the excessive force used against Mitchell. Another lawyer, William Sulton, highlighted disturbing behavior captured in the hotel video, further condemning the treatment of Mitchell.

Eye Witness Account

An eyewitness, Shawn Moore, recounted the disturbing scene outside the hotel, detailing the force applied by the security guards until police intervened.

Remembering Dvontaye Mitchell

Described as a loving and protective individual by family members, Mitchell’s untimely death has sparked a wave of demands for justice and accountability.

National Relevance

Mitchell’s death serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing struggle for racial justice in America, echoing the sentiments expressed following the killing of George Floyd in 2020. The incident has reignited conversations around police reform and systemic brutality against Black individuals.

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