Houthi attack causes severe flooding on ship

The Red Sea Incident

The US military has confirmed that a Greek-owned ship in the Red Sea was struck by an unmanned surface vessel launched by the Houthis in Yemen. This attack resulted in severe flooding and damage to the ship’s engine room.

Details of the Attack

The Royal Navy’s UK’s Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) office received reports of the incident, which occurred approximately 66 nautical miles southwest of the rebel-held port of Hodeida in Yemen. The vessel was taking on water and was not under the command of the crew at the time of the attack.

Houthi Claim of Responsibility

The Iranian-backed Houthis have claimed responsibility for the attack, stating that they targeted a Liberian-flagged vessel named Tutor using a sea drone. The Houthis have been conducting such attacks in support of the Palestinians in Gaza, causing disruptions to global trade.

Response and Consequences

In response to the attack, US Central Command (CentCom) reported that the ship was hit by one Iranian-backed Houthi unmanned surface vessel, leading to severe damage. CentCom also mentioned successful destruction of Houthi-controlled anti-ship cruise missile launchers.

Regional Tensions

The armed Houthi group has declared itself part of an Iranian-led “axis of resistance” against Israel, the US, and the wider West. Their attacks on ships have prompted retaliatory strikes by the US and the UK, escalating tensions in the region.

Impact on Trade and International Organizations

The rebels’ actions have forced many shipping companies to avoid using the Red Sea, a vital waterway for about 12% of global seaborne trade. Additionally, the UN has reported that the Houthis in Yemen have detained several of its personnel, including a staff member from the World Health Organization (WHO).

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