IRS warns of fraudulent clean energy tax credit schemes and offers tips for safeguarding your finances

IRS Warning: Beware of <a href="">clean energy</a> Tax Credit Scam

The IRS Issues Urgent Warning About clean energy Tax Credit Scam

Understanding the Scam

The IRS warns taxpayers about a rapidly spreading scam involving the misrepresentation of clean energy tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Fraudulent preparers deceive individuals into claiming tax benefits they are not entitled to.

Risks and Consequences

Those who fall for this scam and claim inappropriate credits face repayment, interest, and potential penalties. The IRS will take enforcement actions against fraudulent claims.

Tips for Taxpayers

  • Consult with a trusted tax professional.
  • Verify eligibility before purchasing and claiming credits.

Other IRS-Monitored Scams

The IRS cautions against inappropriate claims on various tax credits. Stay vigilant and verify information with reliable sources before making tax-related decisions.

If you suspect fraud, report it using IRS Form 14242 or contact the IRS Whistleblower Office for possible monetary compensation.

Education and verification are key to avoiding tax credit scams. Seek guidance from professionals when considering significant tax advantages.

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