Is the Ukraine summit a step towards peace?

Working Towards Peace in Ukraine: A Diplomatic Summit Overview

International Diplomatic Efforts

World leaders and delegations gathered in Switzerland for a summit aimed at resolving Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine. As Ukraine presented a peace plan shaped by its government, the goal was to garner broad support to pressure Russia into acceptance.

Russian Stance and Global Response

However, ahead of the summit, Vladimir Putin made it clear that he had no intention of withdrawing troops. Moscow’s influence was evident as some countries abstained from supporting Ukraine’s territorial integrity, with key players like China absent from the discussions.

Ukraine’s Determination and Challenges

Despite the setbacks, President Zelensky remained optimistic, emphasizing the ongoing support and daily efforts to secure peace. With ongoing military pressure from Russia and delays in receiving Western aid, Ukraine is navigating a difficult path towards peace.

Peace Priorities and Humanitarian Focus

The summit highlighted key areas for discussion, including food exports, nuclear site security, and the return of prisoners and displaced children. For those who have endured captivity like Maksym Kolesnikov, the focus remains on securing peace without sacrificing Ukraine’s independence.

Future Prospects for Peace Talks

While working groups will continue discussions post-summit, the path to a comprehensive peace plan remains uncertain. Plans for a potential second leaders’ summit involving Russia are tentative, with President Zelensky emphasizing the need for strength in dealing with Russia’s aggression.


The summit may not have yielded immediate results, but it served as a platform for Ukraine to assert its stance on peace and resilience against Russian aggression. With ongoing efforts and international support, the road to peace in Ukraine continues.

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