JaMarcus Russell, former No. 1 pick, dismissed as coach and sued

Former NFL Star JaMarcus Russell Faces Lawsuit and Job Loss

Former NFL Star JaMarcus Russell Faces Lawsuit and Job Loss

Allegations and Lawsuit

JaMarcus Russell, the former No. 1 NFL draft pick, has been fired from his volunteer coaching position at Williamson High School in Mobile, Alabama. He is currently facing a lawsuit over accusations of misusing a $74,000 donation check intended for the school.

Dismissal and Campus Ban

Mobile County Public School officials revealed that Russell was relieved of his coaching duties at Williamson High School in the previous year. Following the allegations, Russell is no longer permitted on the school’s campus and has been banned from any involvement with the football program.

Missing Donation Check

A local business owner, Chris Knowles, issued the $74,000 check after Russell requested a donation to support the football team in acquiring weight room equipment. However, the school never received the funds, and it was reported that Russell deposited the check into a credit union, withdrawing $55,000 shortly after.

Career Background

JaMarcus Russell, aged 38, was a standout quarterback at Williamson High School and continued his career at LSU, where he amassed impressive stats before entering the NFL. As the first overall pick in the 2007 draft, Russell played 25 games for the Raiders but is now widely regarded as one of the biggest draft busts in NFL history.

Throughout his NFL career, Russell earned over $36.4 million in salary and bonuses, despite his underwhelming performance on the field. His completion rate, touchdown-to-interception ratio, and overall impact fell short of expectations, leading to his eventual downfall in the league.

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