Lance Ligocki accused of attacking Capitol police officers in American flag suit on January 6, 2021

Unveiling the Story of #FullFlagSuit: A Tale of Allegations and Arrest

Discover the intriguing narrative of Lance Ligocki, also known as #FullFlagSuit, a prominent figure in the context of January 6th suspects on various websites. His distinctive attire caught the attention of the FBI, leading to his apprehension after over three years of pursuit.

Insights from Legal Analyst Gil Soffer on the Allegations

Former Chicago federal prosecutor and ABC7 Chief Legal Analyst Gil Soffer sheds light on the severity of the accusations against Ligocki. Violence allegations, including swinging a pole at officers, elevate his charges from a misdemeanor to a felony, emphasizing the gravity of the situation.

The Unveiling of Ligocki’s Identity and Legal Proceedings

Authorities linked the father from downstate Oakwood to the events of January 6th, with social media posts showcasing his flag suit attire and interactions. Following a sealed indictment earlier this year, Ligocki was finally arrested in March, subsequently pleading not guilty at his recent video arraignment.

Prosecutors’ Case: Evidence and Consequences

Prosecutors present compelling evidence against Ligocki, including visuals of him wielding a pole with a Trump flag, assaulting police officers at the Capitol terrace. The intensity of the attacks and subsequent charges of felonies signify the seriousness of the offenses, as explained by Soffer.

Another Culprit: William Lewis’ Guilty Plea

Highlighting another individual involved in the Capitol riot, William Lewis, from suburban Burbank, admitted guilt to federal assault charges. His use of wasp and hornet spray against Metro police officers may result in a significant federal prison sentence, reinforcing the legal repercussions faced by riot participants.

Stay informed with the unfolding developments surrounding these cases and the legal ramifications associated with the events of January 6th.

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