Losing 4.7st with a combination of two exercises

### Lucy Lismore’s Weight Loss Journey

Dieting is often seen as a crucial component of weight loss, but for many individuals, it may not be sustainable in the long run. In a recent video titled “My 30KG Weight Loss and Fitness Transformation,” YouTuber Lucy Lismore shared her journey of shedding 4.7 stone without ever stepping foot in a gym. According to Lucy, the key to her weight loss success was consistency.

### The Importance of Consistency

Lucy revealed that despite her initial aversion to physical education classes in school, she found herself becoming less active and gaining weight as she grew older. This led her to a realization that her calorie intake was surpassing her calorie expenditure, ultimately leading to weight gain. To combat this, Lucy set a daily calorie target below her body’s caloric needs and focused on consuming healthier versions of her favorite recipes while cutting back on snacking.

### Sustainable Approach to Weight Loss

Unlike traditional restrictive diets, Lucy opted not to eliminate any specific food groups from her diet. She believed that moderation was key to long-term success and avoided depriving herself of foods she enjoyed, such as chocolate and coffee. By incorporating bodyweight training and high-intensity interval training into her daily routine, Lucy was able to maintain her weight loss results.

### Overcoming Setbacks

Despite facing challenges along her journey, Lucy’s sustainable approach to weight loss allowed her to quickly get back on track. She emphasized the importance of not restricting oneself too much, as it could lead to unsustainable habits. Through her commitment to consistency and a balanced approach to diet and exercise, Lucy managed to achieve her weight loss goals and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

### Lucy’s Transformation

After six to seven weeks of dedicated efforts, Lucy began to see significant progress in her weight loss journey. She credits bodyweight training as one of the most effective exercises for weight loss and building strength. By combining her workouts with a mindful approach to nutrition, Lucy was able to not only shed excess weight but also improve her overall fitness and health.

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