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Debate Between President Joe Biden and Former President Donald Trump


During the recent presidential debate, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump clashed on various issues, including abortion. Trump supported exceptions for abortion bans in cases of rape, incest, and to save the life of the pregnant patient. However, Biden refuted claims of states allowing infanticide or non-medically necessary abortions during the third trimester.

Jan. 6 Insurrection

Another contentious topic was the Jan. 6 insurrection, with Trump claiming he offered National Guard soldiers to defend the Capitol but was turned down by Speaker Nancy Pelosi. However, Pelosi denied this accusation, calling Trump a liar. Biden criticized Trump for not taking appropriate action during the insurrection.

Criminal Convictions

The debate also saw both candidates attacking each other over criminal records. Biden targeted Trump over felony convictions, while Trump brought up Hunter Biden’s felony charges related to owning a gun while addicted to illegal substances. Trump also denied allegations regarding his comments on veterans, calling them “suckers” and “losers.”


Illegal immigration was another hotly debated topic, with Trump claiming it led to spikes in crime rates. He criticized Biden’s immigration policies, stating they have resulted in increased violence across the country. Biden defended his administration’s immigration policies, emphasizing a more humane approach towards handling undocumented immigrants.


Trump attacked Biden on inflation, while Biden argued that his administration has effectively managed the issue. Trump boasted about the economy during his presidency, calling it the “greatest economy in the history of our country.” Biden, on the other hand, highlighted the improvements made during his tenure.

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