Minister reports nationwide power outage in Ecuador

Ecuador Faces Nationwide Blackout Leaving 18 Million People Without Power

Ecuador was plunged into darkness during a widespread blackout, affecting approximately 18 million people. The capital city of Quito experienced a standstill as the subway system came to a halt, and traffic lights ceased operation.

Root Cause of the Blackout

Public Works Minister Roberto Luque attributed the blackout to a lack of investment in the country’s electrical systems. In a statement, Luque emphasized the ongoing energy crisis due to years of neglecting essential infrastructure.

Previous Blackout Incidents

Earlier in April, a severe drought in Ecuador led to planned blackouts, leaving major cities without power for extended periods. Quito Mayor Pabel Muñoz described the recent blackout as a significant event, impacting vital services like the metro system.

Impact on Residents

The blackout left residents frustrated, with some areas experiencing a suspension of drinking water access without prior warning. Local media reported on residents like Diana Rosales, a hairdresser in Guayaquil, expressing dissatisfaction with the unreliable services despite high utility bills.

Educational Disruption

As a result of the blackout, night classes in educational institutions across the country were suspended and transitioned to online platforms. The Ministry of Education took steps to ensure continuity in learning despite the power outage.

Restoration Efforts

Following the blackout, Minister Luque announced that 95% of the country’s electricity had been restored. The outage was attributed to a transmission line failure, highlighting Ecuador’s reliance on energy imports from neighboring Colombia.

Despite the challenges posed by the blackout, Ecuador is working towards improving its electrical infrastructure to avoid similar incidents in the future.

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