Missile Barrage from North Korea Follows Failed Satellite Launch by Days

North Korea Fires Suspected Ballistic Missiles

Reports from South Korea’s military indicated that North Korea launched a sequence of suspected ballistic missiles towards its eastern sea, following a failed attempt to launch a military reconnaissance satellite.

Increased Tensions on the Korean Peninsula

The escalation of tensions on the Korean Peninsula has been fueled by North Korea’s heightened weapons testing activities and South Korea’s joint military exercises with the United States and Japan.

Retaliation and Warning

In retaliation against South Korean activists, North Korea released hundreds of balloons carrying discarded items towards the South. This action came after Kim Jong Un warned of “overwhelming actions” following South Korea’s military exercise near the inter-Korean border.

Condemnation and Plans

While North Korea faced international condemnation for its failed satellite launch, Kim Jong Un is determined to develop space-based reconnaissance capabilities to monitor U.S. and South Korean military activities. Plans to launch more military spy satellites are in motion despite setbacks.

Global Response

North Korea’s actions have drawn strong rebukes from the United Nations and other countries due to concerns about the technologies being used for ballistic missile development. The latest missile tests signify a continuing trend of weapons testing by North Korea.

Various Weapons Tests

Throughout the year, North Korea has conducted a series of weapons tests, including short-range ballistic missiles, tactical ballistic missiles with new navigation systems, cruise missiles, and artillery systems. These advancements have raised concerns about reaching remote U.S. targets in the Pacific.


AP journalist Mari Yamaguchi in Tokyo contributed to this report.


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