New Chancellor Named at UCLA Amid Ongoing Antiwar Protests and Arrests

UCLA Appoints Julio Frenk as New Chancellor

Frenk’s Background and Historic Role

Julio Frenk, a distinguished public health researcher and the current president of the University of Miami, has been named as the new Chancellor of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). He will be the first Latino to lead the institution in its 105-year history, starting his new role on January 1st. Frenk’s impressive background includes serving as the dean of Harvard’s School of Public Health and as Mexico’s national health secretary.

Challenges and Promises

As Frenk takes on this new role, he acknowledges the challenges that lie ahead, particularly regarding the recent campus turmoil surrounding pro-Palestinian activities. His goal is to reunify the UCLA community and promote dialogue that highlights the common humanity uniting everyone. UCLA leaders have expressed confidence in Frenk’s ability to bring healing and unity to the campus.

Addressing Campus Safety and Trust

Following recent violent incidents at UCLA, including clashes between protesters and counterprotesters, Frenk has vowed to prioritize campus safety. The university has initiated investigations into the events and has taken steps to enhance security measures. Frenk is committed to upholding freedom of expression while maintaining a safe and inclusive environment for all students.

Future Vision and Trust Building

Frenk aims to rebuild trust in higher education institutions, emphasizing the vital role universities play in fostering opportunity, social mobility, and talent within society. He believes UCLA can lead the way in advancing cutting-edge research, particularly in the field of advanced health-care techniques. By demonstrating the value universities bring to societal well-being, Frenk hopes to earn back the trust of lawmakers and the public.


With Frenk’s appointment as UCLA’s new chancellor, the university looks towards a future of healing, unity, and innovation. As graduation ceremonies approach, Frenk’s leadership will be put to the test amidst potential protests. However, his commitment to fostering a safe, inclusive, and impactful environment for all members of the UCLA community sets a promising tone for the institution’s future.

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