Nighttime humidity brings Monday heat index close to 100

Today’s Hot Weather Forecast

Prepare for a scorching day with temperatures soaring into the 90s. The heat will linger well into the evening, with only a gradual dip into the 80s overnight. Expect humidity levels to rise, making it feel like 100 degrees due to the heat index.

Minimal Rainfall Expected

While there’s a slim chance of a passing shower or thunderstorm tonight and maybe a few tomorrow, most areas will remain dry throughout the region.

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Upcoming Weather Conditions

Through tonight: Skies will remain partly cloudy after any isolated showers. Humidity levels will increase overnight with temperatures hovering around 75 degrees.

Tomorrow’s Outlook

Tomorrow (Monday): Expect brighter skies in the morning with a slight chance of thunderstorms later in the day. Temperatures will peak near 95 degrees, creating heat index values in the low 100s. Cloud cover may persist into the overnight hours.

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Latest on Beryl and Potential Rainfall

Follow our Beryl coverage as the storm heads towards Texas. There’s a chance of residual moisture from Beryl reaching the Mid-Atlantic by Wednesday, offering potential relief from drought conditions.

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