Pro-Palestinian protests put some students’ degrees at risk

Pro-Palestinian Campus Activism and the Impact on Graduation

Pro-Palestinian Campus Activism and Graduation

The Impact of Campus Protests

Graduation is a significant milestone for many Americans, symbolizing the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. However, for some college students who have engaged in pro-Palestinian protests, their academic journey has taken an unexpected turn. Several students at universities across the country, including the University of Chicago, Vanderbilt, Harvard, and Princeton, have had their degrees withheld pending investigations into their participation in demonstrations.

University of Chicago Students

Youssef Hasweh, a political science student at the University of Chicago, found himself in a precarious situation just a week before graduation. His degree was withheld as a result of his involvement in a protest encampment on campus. Hasweh, along with three other students, faced the possibility of not receiving their diplomas due to the university’s disciplinary actions.

Vanderbilt University Student

Devron Burks, a student at Vanderbilt University, experienced a similar fate after participating in an occupation of a campus building. Burks, along with other students, faced arrests and expulsions, resulting in the withholding of their degrees. Despite the challenging circumstances, Burks remains steadfast in their commitment to activism and stands by their actions.

Harvard University Student

Syd Sanders, a student at Harvard University, was shocked to learn that he may not receive his degree until 2026 due to his involvement in pro-Palestinian protests. Sanders, along with other students, believes they are being penalized as a deterrent for future demonstrations. Despite the setback, Sanders remains determined to move forward with their life and pursue opportunities outside of academia.

Princeton University Students

At Princeton University, the degrees of two seniors are in jeopardy following their participation in a protest during a university event. Khari Franklin, one of the seniors, did not engage in the demonstration but still had his degree withheld pending an investigation. The university maintains that disciplinary actions are necessary to uphold campus regulations and ensure the smooth operation of academic events.

Disciplinary Actions Across Campuses

Across various universities, students involved in pro-Palestinian protests face uncertain futures as their degrees hang in the balance. From Columbia University to Princeton, the threat of suspensions and other disciplinary measures looms over those who have taken a stand for their beliefs. Despite the challenges ahead, these students remain resolute in their convictions and are prepared to face whatever consequences may arise.

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