Putin threatens to supply long-range weapons to allies for Western attacks

Putin’s Warning to the West

During a recent press conference, President Vladimir Putin issued a stark warning, suggesting that Russia may supply long-range weapons to strike Western targets in retaliation for NATO allies supporting Ukraine in attacking Russian territory. He also reiterated Moscow’s willingness to use nuclear weapons if its sovereignty is threatened.

Western Authorization for Attacks

Recent reports indicate that the United States and Germany have permitted Ukraine to use U.S. weapons to target areas within Russia, based on new guidelines set by President Joe Biden. This move has the potential to escalate tensions in the region.

Asymmetrical Responses

Putin hinted at possible “asymmetrical” actions in response to the involvement of Western military personnel in guiding missile attacks. While the U.S. military clarified that they do not control the missiles sent to Ukraine, Putin suggested that Moscow could take similar steps elsewhere in the world.

Consideration of Countermeasures

Addressing the possibility of supplying weapons to regions where they could be used against countries supporting Ukraine, Putin stated that such actions are under consideration. He emphasized the need to protect Russia’s interests and sovereignty.

Russian-U.S. Relations and Nuclear Arms

Putin’s remarks also touched upon the future of Russia-U.S. relations, stating that they would remain consistent regardless of the outcome of the American presidential election. He highlighted Russia’s nuclear doctrine and the conditions under which such weapons might be utilized.

Ongoing Conflicts and Detentions

Putin discussed the prolonged conflict in Ukraine, alleging missed opportunities by the West to bring an end to the hostilities. He also addressed military losses and prisoner exchanges between Russia and Ukraine, along with efforts to secure the release of detained individuals like journalist Evan Gershkovich.

St. Petersburg Forum and Media Relations

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum served as a platform for Putin to showcase Russia’s progress and attract investments. The president engaged with journalists, a departure from previous years where Western press was excluded due to strained relations.

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