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The Importance of Hawaii in National Defense


Hawaii plays a crucial role in our national defense, with its active military presence shaping our world. As we approach the Aug. 10 Primary Election in Hawaii, it’s essential for candidates like Ed Case, the Democratic candidate for U.S. House 1st District, to address key issues affecting the state.

Addressing High Costs

One of the biggest challenges facing Hawaii is the high cost of living, which impacts various aspects of our lives. To combat inflation and reduce costs, responsible monetary policies must be implemented. By strengthening supply chains and boosting domestic manufacturing, we can address these challenges effectively.

Reducing Gun Violence

The epidemic of gun violence remains a national tragedy that requires urgent action. Ed Case supports national reforms focused on keeping dangerous weapons out of the wrong hands, such as military-style assault rifles. Funding for key federal programs, like the Department of Justice and Violence Against Women Act grants, is crucial to addressing the root causes of gun violence.

Ending Political Polarization

To combat the growing political divide, it’s essential to promote constructive debate and problem-solving in Congress. By working with bipartisan groups like the House Problems Solvers Caucus, Ed Case advocates for common-sense solutions to critical issues. Building relationships across party lines is key to addressing polarization effectively.

Protecting Safety Net Programs

Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid face funding concerns due to changing demographics. Ed Case supports bipartisan legislation to ensure the sustainability of these programs. By increasing Social Security taxes and reducing Medicare prescription drug costs, we can strengthen the country’s major safety net programs.

Addressing Climate Change

Congress must take bold actions to mitigate climate change and promote renewable energy production. While progress has been made, more needs to be done to address this global crisis. Initiatives like the Inflation Reduction Act and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law are steps in the right direction, but binding international agreements on carbon emissions are crucial for long-term success.

Building Better Foreign Relations

The U.S. plays a vital role in foreign policy, especially in building relations with the Asia-Pacific region. As we navigate the choice between democracy and authoritarianism, it’s essential to strengthen ties with our allies and promote our values on the global stage. Collaboration with countries like China is crucial for addressing global challenges effectively.

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