Rebel Wilson’s Reveals Unusual Gym Routine in Video of Intense Workout

### Rebel Wilson’s Unconventional Gym Habit

Rebel Wilson, the Australian actress known for her roles in movies like Bridesmaid, recently shared a video of her intense workout regime, revealing a bizarre gym habit. In the footage, Rebel and her fiancée Ramona Agruma can be seen sweating it out at a gym in Los Angeles. The actress is heard making rhythmic grunting sounds as she performs lat exercises on a pull-down bar, adding a touch of humor by captioning the video with the words: ‘For some reason I HAVE to do the sound effects.’

### Weight Loss Journey and Medication Use

Last month, Rebel Wilson opened up about her weight loss journey, stating that she used the type 2 diabetes drug Ozempic to aid in maintaining her weight loss. The 44-year-old actress had shed an impressive 36 kilos (80lbs) during her ‘year of health’ in 2020, attributing her success to her own efforts without the help of medication. However, she revealed that after giving birth to her daughter via surrogate in November 2022, she turned to Ozempic briefly to help with weight management.

### Experimenting with Medication

In a podcast interview with Steven Bartlett on The Diary of a CEO, Rebel shared that she experimented with semaglutide injectable, the active ingredient in Ozempic, to control her cravings for sweets and curb stress eating. She explained that after losing a significant amount of weight, she was concerned about maintaining it and turned to the medication for support. While she no longer takes the injectable, she admitted to gaining back some weight post-pregnancy due to the challenges of working out at her previous intensity level.

### Achieving Health Goals

Rebel Wilson, who has been open about her struggles with polycystic ovarian syndrome, embarked on a health journey at the advice of her IVF doctor in 2019. With the support of her fiancée and dedication to high-intensity workouts, long hikes, and a balanced diet, she successfully reached her goal weight of 75 kilos (165lbs). The actress continues to prioritize her health and fitness, showcasing her commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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