Reclaiming Cultural Heritage through Egypt Fashion and Design Council

### Fashion Diplomacy in Egypt
The world has long been captivated by Egyptian culture, from ancient history to modern fashion. In 2022, Dior Men and Stefano Ricci made headlines by showcasing their collections against the backdrop of iconic Egyptian landmarks. Now, local designers are stepping into the spotlight, reclaiming their heritage on the global stage. With Egypt Fashion Week on the horizon, Cairo’s fashion scene is gaining international recognition.

### Reviving Ancient Traditions
Established in 2017, the Egyptian Fashion & Design Council (EFDC) is leading the charge in modernizing one of the world’s oldest fashion industries. From the Tarkhan Dress, estimated to be 5000 years old, to the global impact of Egyptian Cotton, fashion in Egypt has deep roots. The EFDC aims to protect this heritage while nurturing new talent and fostering innovation in the industry.

### The Role of Fashion in Geopolitics
Fashion is more than just clothing; it is a reflection of values, beliefs, and cultural identity. Susan Sabet, a founding member of EFDC, emphasizes the power of fashion as a tool for addressing current issues and events. In a rapidly changing world, the fashion industry plays a vital role in shaping conversations around sustainability, social justice, and inclusivity.

### Navigating the Business of Fashion
Building a successful fashion brand in Egypt comes with its challenges. Local designers often lack the resources and experience needed to compete on a global scale. The EFDC supports designers by providing education, access to resources, and connections to investors and retailers. By fostering a collaborative ecosystem, the Council aims to help Egyptian designers thrive in the competitive fashion market.

### Preserving Heritage and Combating Appropriation
Egypt’s rich cultural heritage has often been appropriated or reduced to stereotypes in the fashion industry. The EFDC works to protect Egyptian traditions while encouraging designers to draw inspiration from diverse sources. By promoting the use of unique Egyptian textiles and craftsmanship, the Council aims to elevate local artisans and showcase Egypt’s cultural heritage in a respectful and authentic way.

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