Released: Mohamed Abu Salmiya from Shifa Hospital

Reimagining Gaza’s al-Shifa Hospital Director’s Release

Director Released after Seven Months

The director of Gaza’s al-Shifa Hospital, Mohamed Abu Salmiya, was released from Israeli custody early Monday, apparently without charge, after being detained for seven months on accusations of working with Hamas militants.

Controversial Raid on Hospital Complex

Abu Salmiya was arrested in November from a U.N. convoy during heavy fighting in Gaza City. Israeli officials accused him of allowing Hamas militants to use the hospital complex as a command center, but evidence later revealed by a Washington Post analysis did not support these claims.

Release Sparks Outrage Among Israeli Officials

Abu Salmiya’s release sparked anger among Israeli officials, with National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir calling it “a security neglect” and former war cabinet minister Benny Gantz stating that those responsible should be fired immediately.

Israeli Military Operations Continue

Israel Defense Forces are continuing operations in Shejaiya, Gaza City, where large quantities of weapons were located. The densely packed area saw residents ordered to evacuate as fighting intensified.

Current Situation in Gaza

At least 37,900 people have been killed and 87,060 injured in Gaza since the war began. The majority of the dead are reported to be women and children, with Israel estimating over 1,200 casualties in Hamas’s attack.

Threat of Coalition Collapse

Ultra-Orthodox parties have threatened to withdraw from Netanyahu’s government if a workaround is not found regarding conscription of yeshiva students into the military, potentially leading to the collapse of the coalition.

Continued Unrest in Israel

Protests continue in Israel, with the ultra-Orthodox community expressing dissatisfaction over the Supreme Court ruling on conscription. Stones were lobbed at police during a recent protest, leading to several injuries and arrests.

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