Republicans threaten funding for Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, jeopardizing success of two PA Dairy farmers’ yogurt business.

The Impact of Inflation Reduction Act on Painterland Sisters Dairy Farm

Hayley and Stephanie Painter, the co-founders of Painterland Sisters, have leveraged the benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act to expand their dairy farm and Icelandic yogurt business. They are actively advocating for conservation and climate change initiatives in the Farm Bill.

Threat to Funding from Farm Bill Amendments

US House Republicans have redirected $20 billion in climate-smart funding from the USDA in the Farm Bill, jeopardizing crucial climate initiatives supported by the Painter sisters.

Painter Sisters’ Dairy Farm and Skyr Yogurt Business

Operating a fourth-generation dairy farm in Tioga County, the Painter sisters produce Painterland Sisters organic skyr yogurt, an Icelandic-style yogurt available in supermarkets nationwide. Their dairy facility outside of Carlisle showcases their commitment to sustainable farming practices.

Empowering Farmers Through Climate-Smart Practices

Participating in the $4.7 million Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship (DGA) program, the Painter sisters emphasize the importance of organic dairy farming in sequestering harmful greenhouse gases. The DGA provides technical assistance and direct payments to small-scale dairy farmers for implementing climate-smart grazing practices.

Support from USDA’s Climate-Smart Technologies Grant Program

Funded by the USDA’s Partnerships for Climate-Smart Technologies grant program, established under the Inflation Reduction Act, the initiative aims to benefit over 180,000 farmers in the next five years, providing essential support for sustainable farming practices.

Empowering Farmers as Climate Smart Leaders

Hayley Painter emphasizes the pivotal role of farmers as stewards of the land, animals, and food systems. By embracing opportunities like the Climate Smart grants, infrastructure grants, and marketing grants within the Farm Bill, farmers are empowered to lead sustainable agricultural practices.

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