Research Determines Optimal Time of Day to Exercise for Fat Loss

### Study Finds Evening Workouts May Be Best for Lower Blood Sugar Levels

A new study conducted by researchers in Spain has found that individuals who work out at 6pm experience lower blood sugar levels compared to those who exercise in the morning. The study suggests that late exercisers may have a more active metabolism and be better able to resist hunger pangs, resulting in burning more calories throughout the day and consuming less energy.

According to the researchers, muscle cells typically have a harder time absorbing blood sugar in the evenings due to drops in insulin levels. However, exercising in the evening can boost insulin levels, making it easier for cells to absorb sugar from the bloodstream and utilize it for energy. The study tracked 186 obese Spanish adults and monitored their exercise habits and blood sugar levels using accelerometers and continuous glucose monitors.

### Obesity Rates in the US Continue to Rise

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2022 revealed that the obesity rate in the United States has significantly increased compared to a decade ago. The map shows the obesity rate by state, with none exceeding 35 percent in the past. The CDC has deemed tackling obesity an urgent priority for the nation’s health.

Dr. Antonio Clavero-Jimeno, a sports scientist at the University of Granada in Spain, stated that evening exercise appears to have a positive impact on blood sugar levels in sedentary adults with obesity. While the study focused on overweight individuals, previous research has also suggested that evening workouts may be beneficial for weight loss and reducing the risk of heart disease.

### Finding the Best Time to Exercise for Weight Loss

While some studies have indicated that morning workouts are ideal for weight loss, others suggest that any amount of exercise at any time of day can lead to weight loss in obese individuals. The World Health Organization recommends at least 150 minutes of exercise per week for overall health and weight management. Ultimately, the debate on the best time of day to exercise for fat loss may vary depending on individual preferences and lifestyle factors.

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