Rioter from January 6 Leading Armed National Militia from Prison

Napalm Militias: A Closer Look

Recent developments show that Napalm militias is under scrutiny. According to Lang, a team member’s miscommunication led to the removal of Mack’s picture from the website. However, guns remain a focal point for the group, even in response to natural disasters like hurricanes or wildfires. Lang maintains that owning firearms is a natural right and encourages non-gun-owners to join, promising support on their journey to gun ownership.

Training and Vetting Process

Although Napalm’s activities have primarily been online, they plan to expand into real-world scenarios like training at firing ranges and wilderness survival exercises. New recruits undergo a vetting process that includes a video call to screen for potential law enforcement infiltration. Following vetting, members gain access to county-level chat groups for communication and coordination.

Security Measures and Membership Claims

The group’s cell structure at the county level aims to prevent infiltration, a tactic used by other extremist organizations. In response to past incidents involving similar groups, Lang emphasizes a strict vetting process. Despite claims of over 20,000 members, skepticism lingers among experts who question the actual numbers. Some estimate the real membership to be significantly lower, around 2,500 individuals.

Expert Insights and Concerns

Experts warn of the potential dangers posed by groups like Napalm, regardless of membership numbers. Mobilizing individuals around extremist ideologies can escalate political tension and incite violent actions. Holt stresses the importance of monitoring such groups, as even a small faction could pose significant risks in an already volatile environment.

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