Roberts declines Senate Democrats’ proposal to address Supreme Court ethics and Alito flag controversy

Supreme Court Justice Refuses Democratic Senators’ Request for Meeting

Chief Justice John Roberts has declined an invitation from Democratic senators to discuss Supreme Court ethics and the flag controversy surrounding Justice Samuel Alito’s homes. This decision follows Alito’s rejection of demands for his recusal from key Supreme Court cases involving former President Donald Trump and the January 6 rioters due to the flags displayed outside his residences.

Senate Democrats Seek Recusal of Justice Alito

Senate Judiciary Chairman Dick Durbin and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse had initially reached out to Chief Justice Roberts, requesting a meeting about the situation. They also urged Roberts to take action to ensure Alito’s recusal from any cases related to the January 6 attack or Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election results.

Justices’ Autonomy in Recusal Decisions

Roberts emphasized that Justices have the discretion to decide whether they should step aside from particular cases. Alito, in his response to the senators and House members, clarified that he saw no reason for recusal despite the flags displayed by his wife at their homes. He defended that neither flag warranted his removal from the cases.


In summary, Chief Justice Roberts has declined the Senate Democrats’ invitation for a meeting regarding Justice Alito’s potential recusal from Supreme Court cases. The controversy surrounding the flags displayed outside Alito’s homes remains unresolved, with Alito standing by his decision not to recuse himself from pertinent cases.

Source: Associated Press

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