Solar Company That Donated To Biden Reaps Benefits From Inflation Reduction Act


In a significant turn of events, the leading U.S. manufacturer of solar panels made substantial contributions to President Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign, followed by extensive lobbying efforts post-inauguration. This strategic maneuvering ultimately resulted in substantial financial gains for the company under Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act.

Financial Benefits

The Inflation Reduction Act, a contentious legislation with no Republican support, allocated approximately $1 trillion towards green initiatives. Upon its enactment in 2022, First Solar, headquartered in Arizona, experienced a remarkable 100% increase in its stock value.

Profit Boost

As per the Associated Press (AP) report, First Solar’s profits surged due to lucrative federal subsidies potentially amounting to $10 billion over a decade. The company stands to gain billions in valuable tax credits specifically for domestic clean energy manufacturers.

Strategic Meetings

Following the bill’s enactment, First Solar’s executives engaged in multiple discussions with government officials, including key figures like John Podesta, focusing on the legislation’s environmental clauses.

Tax Credit Sale

In a strategic move, First Solar sold approximately $650 million in tax credits to a tech firm, allowing for significant tax benefits related to solar module production.

Market Dynamics

Canary Media highlighted that the Inflation Reduction Act enabled companies to sell tax credits on the open market, offering flexibility in tax management.

Investors’ Windfall

Significant donors to Biden’s campaign, such as Farhad Ebrahimi and Lukas T. Walton, reaped substantial financial rewards as First Solar’s stock value soared, leading to remarkable wealth accumulation.

Political Contributions

The article also sheds light on political contributions, showcasing how donations from individuals like Jim Simons influenced financial decisions, including hedge fund investments in First Solar.


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