Taxpayers still paying for Jan. 6 attack as SCOTUS decision approaches, CBS News discovers

Taxpayers Bear Cost of Jan. 6 Attack as SCOTUS Decision Looms – CBS News

Taxpayers Footing the Bill for Jan. 6 Attack, CBS News Reveals

Supreme Court Decision On Jan. 6 Convictions

A pivotal Supreme Court decision looms that could have far-reaching consequences for the convictions related to the Jan. 6 attack. The court is set to determine if the federal obstruction law was appropriately applied by prosecutors in charging individuals involved in the riot, including potential implications for former President Donald Trump.

Taxpayers Covering Costs of Repairing Damage

A recent investigation by CBS News uncovered the significant financial burden that taxpayers are shouldering for the repair costs resulting from the Jan. 6 attack. The review revealed that the majority of expenses for restoring the damage caused by the assault are being funded by taxpayers.

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