Today, NBC Boston predicts severe thunderstorms.

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Weather Update: Thunderstorms and Tornadoes Expected

Foggy Start to a Warm and Humid Day

As we start the day with a hint of fog, be prepared for a warm and humid day ahead. There is a possibility of storms looming on the horizon.

Severe Thunderstorm Alert

Northwest of I-95, severe thunderstorms are expected on Sunday afternoon. The primary threats include strong winds, heavy rain, and a risk of tornadoes. Stay informed by receiving severe weather alerts for your area and tracking storms using live radar.

Hot and Humid Conditions

Expect hot and humid weather with heat indices reaching the mid to upper 90s. These conditions are conducive to severe thunderstorms between 1 p.m. and 10 p.m. The main concerns are strong winds, heavy rain leading to flash flooding, and a risk of tornadoes.

Graphic showing severe weather risk in New England

Tornado Threat

The highest tornado threat is expected in Vermont and New Hampshire. The severe weather conditions are likely to taper off by late evening on Sunday, with only a few showers overnight.

Map showing tornado risk in the Northeast
A map showing the tornado risk in the Northeast on Sunday, June 23, 2024.

Climate Change and Tornadoes

With the U.S. experiencing over 1,000 tornadoes annually, the impact of climate change on supercell storms is becoming more evident. National climate reporter Chase Cain explains the connection between climate change and tornado activity.

Upcoming Weather Outlook

Looking ahead to the coming days, expect a decrease in humidity with showers possible on Monday. Tuesday will be dry and warm with more comfortable humidity levels. Another round of showers and thunderstorms is anticipated on Wednesday and Thursday, followed by drier and less humid conditions towards the end of the week.

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