Two New York Men Perish in Tragic Manure Tanker Accident

Tragic Manure Tanker Accident in Upstate New York

Tragic Manure Tanker Accident Claims Two Lives in Upstate New York

Unfortunate Incident

Local police in upstate New York reported a tragic incident where two men lost their lives after falling into a manure tanker. The Kirkland Police Department revealed that one of the men was trying to retrieve a piece of equipment that had dropped into the tanker when he passed out and fell in. The second man also lost consciousness while attempting to assist.

Location and Details

The unfortunate event took place on a farm in Kirkland, New York, located less than 50 miles east of Syracuse. Decomposing manure can release harmful gases like methane, ammonia, and carbon dioxide, which can be fatal when inhaled in high concentrations, as per the Farm Safety Association.

Victims Identified

The individuals involved in the tragedy were identified as Nathan Doody, 33, and Tyler Memory, 29, according to reports from the New York Daily News. Despite efforts from workers at Champion Farm and emergency responders, both men were pronounced dead at the hospital.

Past Incidents

Similar incidents have occurred in the past, highlighting the dangers associated with manure tanks. In 2016, a farmer and 13 cows in Wisconsin lost their lives due to exposure to methane or sulphur oxide from a large manure holding tank. Additionally, an Iowa father and son met a similar fate after inhaling fumes from a hog manure pit.

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