US claims Houthi missile strike causes serious injuries to sailor

Attack on Cargo Ship in Gulf of Aden

In a recent incident, a cargo ship in the Gulf of Aden was hit by two cruise missiles fired by the Houthis in Yemen, resulting in a severe injury to a sailor, as reported by the US military.

The injured sailor was promptly airlifted to another ship for immediate medical attention, according to the US Central Command (CentCom).

Response and Actions Taken

Following the attack, crew members aboard the MV Verbena, a Palauan-flagged, Ukrainian-owned, Polish-operated ship, were engaged in firefighting efforts to control the resulting blaze.

CentCom later confirmed the destruction of two Houthi patrol boats, one unmanned surface vessel, and one drone over the Red Sea within the previous 24 hours.

Escalation of Hostilities

The Houthis claimed responsibility for attacks on multiple ships, including the MV Verbena, as a response to perceived injustices and foreign interventions in the region.

This incident follows a recent attack on a Greek-owned vessel in the Red Sea, further escalating tensions in the area.

Geopolitical Significance

The armed Houthi group aligns itself with Iran in resistance against perceived adversaries, including Israel, the US, and Western powers.

Their actions in targeting ships linked to Israel have prompted retaliatory strikes from the US and UK, leading to a cycle of escalating violence.

Impact on Shipping Industry

The ongoing conflict has disrupted maritime trade routes, with many shipping companies avoiding the Red Sea where these attacks have occurred.

Recent attacks on merchant vessels, including the targeting of a Liberian-flagged ship, have raised concerns about the safety of international shipping in the region.

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