Victims of Boeing 737 Max crashes urge US to impose $25 billion penalty

Families Seek Justice for Boeing 737 Max Crashes

The families of victims in two Boeing 737 Max plane crashes are demanding prosecutions and a fine of $24.8 billion, deeming it as “the deadliest corporate crime in US history.” The families’ lawyer, Paul Cassell, asserts that this amount is justified and appropriate considering the significant human costs of Boeing’s actions.

In a 32-page letter, Mr. Cassell urged the US government to take legal action against those responsible for the crashes that claimed the lives of 346 individuals in 2018 and 2019.

Boeing’s Fatal Errors

Two 737 Max aircraft were involved in separate yet eerily similar accidents that resulted in the tragic loss of 346 lives. The first incident occurred in October 2018 when a Lion Air flight crashed into the Java Sea shortly after take-off, claiming the lives of all 189 passengers on board. The second crash took place in March 2019, involving an Ethiopian Airlines flight that crashed just minutes after departing from Addis Ababa, resulting in the deaths of all 157 individuals on board.

Both crashes were attributed to malfunctioning flight control systems, highlighting Boeing’s grave errors.

Boeing’s Acknowledgment and Accountability

During a Congressional hearing, Boeing’s CEO, Dave Calhoun, extended an apology for the suffering caused by the crashes, acknowledging the company’s missteps and emphasizing that lessons have been learned from the tragic events.

Mr. Calhoun also confessed to the company’s inappropriate treatment of whistleblowers but assured that their concerns were heard and addressed.

The Justice Department is deliberating on reinstating a fraud charge against Boeing following the incidents, with a focus on ensuring compliance and safety measures within the company.

Call for Action

The families of the crash victims are actively advocating for justice, attending Congressional hearings to hold Boeing and its executives accountable for their actions. Zipporah Kuria, who lost her father in the 2019 crash, exemplifies the relentless pursuit of justice by pressing the US government for accountability.

The families urge for transparency, accountability, and reforms within Boeing to prevent such tragedies from recurring, emphasizing the importance of safety and compliance measures within the aviation industry.

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