Video Shows Tucker Carlson Angered by Capitol Cops’ Call for Jan 6 Attack Investigation

Tucker Carlson’s Outrage Over Capitol Police Letter

Democratic congressman Jamie Raskin of Maryland revealed an anonymous letter penned by Capitol Police officers, lambasting Republican opposition to a probe into the Jan. 6 insurrection. Tucker Carlson, however, dismissed the letter as akin to a “ransom note.”

Tucker Carlson’s Fiery Reaction

During his show, Carlson expressed outrage at the letter, suggesting the authors were using intimidation tactics. He questioned the Capitol Police officers’ motives, insinuating that they were attempting to influence lawmakers’ stances.

Controversy Surrounding the Letter

Carlson accused the Capitol Police of operating as a political force and raised concerns about potential future partisan demands from the organization. Despite the tragic events of the riot, Carlson emphasized his belief that the letter was setting a dangerous precedent.

Unveiling the Letter’s Impact

While pointing out the lack of credibility in the news, Carlson’s remarks shed light on the uncertainty surrounding the number of officers involved in crafting the letter. Raskin mentioned that around 40-50 officers took part, although this figure remains unverified.

Capitol Police’s Stance

The U.S. Capitol Police clarified that the letter did not represent an official standpoint, stating neutrality on legislative matters. The letter chastised GOP members for opposing the inquiry into the insurrection, expressing disappointment in their actions.

House Response to the Letter

Following the letter’s release, 35 Republican representatives supported the bill proposing an investigation into the Jan. 6 events. Democratic congressman Tim Ryan’s impassioned plea for unity encouraged cross-party collaboration in scrutinizing the riot.

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