Walmart Plans to Reintroduce Private-Label Fashion Brand ‘No Boundaries’

### Walmart Relaunches Private-Label Fashion Brand No Boundaries
Walmart is set to relaunch its private-label fashion brand, No Boundaries, in stores and online on July 16. The brand, aimed at young adults, has been refreshed by a Generation Z-focused design team, marking a strategic move by the retail giant to resonate with the next generation of shoppers.

### Refreshed Brand Strategy
Jen Jackson Brown, senior vice president of Walmart U.S. fashion brands, highlighted the importance of refreshing the private brand portfolio to align with evolving fashion trends. The design team dedicated to refreshing No Boundaries is the first of its kind for the brand, showcasing Walmart’s commitment to staying current and relevant in the fashion industry.

### Affordable and Inclusive Collection
The No Boundaries collection features 130 size-inclusive pieces with a focus on casual trends and weekend wear. With 80% of the items priced under $15 and many available for as low as $5, the brand aims to offer style at unbeatable prices, catering to a wide range of customers.

### Innovative Marketing Approach
The refreshed No Boundaries collection will be introduced across social channels, including an immersive experience on Walmart Discovered on Roblox. This innovative marketing strategy allows users to purchase real-world outfits and unlock virtual twins, bridging the gap between online and offline shopping experiences.

### Private-Label Expansion
Walmart’s relaunch of No Boundaries follows a trend of the retailer expanding its private-label offerings. In April, Walmart introduced the “chef-inspired” food brand bettergoods, marking its largest private-brand food rollout in 20 years. The retailer’s focus on private labels comes as suppliers continue to raise prices, positioning Walmart as a competitive player in the retail landscape.

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