“War Game” Redux Film Set for Theatrical and VOD Release on Jan. 6

Explore an Exclusive Glimpse into a Terrifying Political Future

Prepare yourself for a chilling portrayal of a near-real-life look at America’s possible political future hitting the silver screen this summer. This isn’t about the upcoming GOP convention in Milwaukee – it’s something much more gripping.

Unveiling the Intriguing Plot of “War Game”

Imagine witnessing another impactful January 6 attack on democracy and the certification of a presidential election unfolding in almost real-time. The critically acclaimed “War Game”, executive produced by Warren Littlefield, has been acquired by Submarine Deluxe and Decal Releasing, setting the stage for a riveting cinematic experience.

Release Details and Screening Schedule

Mark your calendars for the screening of “War Game” on August 2 at NYC’s Film Forum, with a wider release planned for August 9. Submarine Deluxe and Decal Releasing are gearing up to captivate audiences leading up to the 2024 election with this thought-provoking film.

Excitement Builds Among Filmmakers and Distributors

Submarine Deluxe co-founder Dan Braun expressed enthusiasm for collaborating with the talented team behind “War Game”, emphasizing the film’s relevance and its potential to deeply resonate with viewers. The anticipation is palpable for this bone-chilling cinematic experience.

Immerse Yourself in the White House Situation Room

Join directors Jesse Moss and Tony Gerber on a journey through the White House Situation Room in “War Game”. This docu-thriller offers a real-time glimpse into a dystopian yet plausible political future, providing a gripping exploration of Presidential decision-making under crisis.

An Intense Screening Experience Awaited

Don’t miss the screening of “War Game” at Washington DC’s DC/DOX, followed by a compelling panel discussion moderated by Kara Swisher. Engage with prominent figures like ex-Montana Gov. Steve Bullock, Janessa Goldbeck, and other key personalities involved in the production.

Delve into the Intriguing Plot of “War Game”

Experience the tension as former Gov. Bullock navigates a fictional yet eerily plausible scenario involving a major political crisis. Witness the high-stakes decision-making process in a race against time to safeguard democracy from looming threats.

A Glimpse into a Potential Tomorrow

“War Game” presents a stark depiction of a potential future, mirroring the ongoing political landscape. With a cast of notable figures, this film sheds light on critical issues and challenges faced by leaders in times of crisis.

Controversy and Tension Unveiled

As the plot unfolds, tensions rise and controversies surface, depicting a gripping narrative entwined with political intrigue. Explore the complex dynamics and high-stakes decisions that shape the fate of a nation on the brink.

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