Warner, Kaine, and Scott Praise Arrival of Clean Energy Manufacturing Jobs in Chesapeake Due to Inflation Reduction Act

LS GreenLink Invests $681 Million in Chesapeake for Offshore Wind Cable Facility

Virginia Representatives Applaud LS GreenLink’s Investment

The office of Virginia Rep. Robert C. Scott recently announced that LS GreenLink is investing $681 million in Chesapeake to establish a cutting-edge facility for producing high-voltage subsea cables utilized in offshore wind farms. This initiative, made possible by $100 million in tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), represents a significant step towards clean energy investments in the United States, creating over 330 job opportunities in the process.

Senator Warner Hails clean energy Growth

Senator Mark R. Warner expressed his enthusiasm for the IRA’s impact on the clean energy sector, emphasizing the positive implications of the LS GreenLink facility for the U.S. offshore wind industry and the Hampton Roads region. The facility’s establishment will not only boost job creation but also drive investments in the area.

Senator Kaine Celebrates Job Creation in Virginia

Senator Tim Kaine lauded the Inflation Reduction Act for leading to the creation of hundreds of clean energy manufacturing jobs in Virginia. He highlighted LS GreenLink’s decision to build in Chesapeake as a testament to the region’s skilled workforce, underscoring the benefits for workers, the economy, and proponents of clean energy.

Rep. Scott Emphasizes Offshore Wind Industry Leadership

Representative Bobby Scott commended Hampton Roads for its role in offshore wind production and emphasized the significance of the IRA’s Offshore Wind Manufacturing Act. The LS GreenLink investment in Chesapeake is pivotal in bolstering the domestic green energy supply chain, offering high-paying jobs and supporting the community’s transition to cleaner energy sources.

Governor Youngkin Praises Virginia’s Offshore Wind Industry Potential

Governor Glenn Youngkin hailed LS GreenLink’s investment in Virginia, positioning the Commonwealth as a frontrunner in offshore wind industry manufacturing. Recognizing Virginia’s skilled workforce, strategic location, and business-friendly environment, Governor Youngkin highlighted the state’s ability to cater to global customers’ needs for submarine power cables.

Advocacy for IRA Funding

Senators Warner, Kaine, and Scott collaborated on a letter to the Department of Energy to advocate for IRA funding in support of the LS GreenLink project. Their collective efforts, including their pivotal votes in favor of the IRA, contributed to its passage in the Senate by a narrow margin.

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