WNBA emerging as a fashion force leading up to 2024 All-Star Weekend in Phoenix

### Jocelyn Hu’s Journey from Arizona Basketball Fan to Sports Fashion Designer

Jocelyn Hu’s passion for sports and fashion began in her youth, watching basketball games with her dad in Arizona. While she experimented with making clothes as a teenager, her design career took off during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Hu, a Corona del Sol High School graduate, merged her love for sports and apparel to create sports-related streetwear. Recently, she partnered with Mitchell & Ness to design handmade puffer jackets for the 2024 NBA All-Star weekend, with potential collaborations for the WNBA All-Star Game in Phoenix. As the WNBA focuses on marketing its players both on and off the court, Hu’s All-Star opportunities continue to grow.

### The Intersection of Fashion and Sports in the WNBA

The relationship between fashion and sports has always been intertwined, with iconic figures like NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman setting the stage for bold style statements. As the WNBA’s popularity rises, so does the focus on pregame outfits and designer brands worn by players. With increased fan engagement and attendance, luxury labels like Gucci and Louis Vuitton are partnering with WNBA athletes for promotional opportunities. The Phoenix Mercury, among other teams, are embracing the fashion frenzy by showcasing tunnel fits worn by their players, such as guards Sophie Cunningham and Sug Sutton.

### The WNBA’s Embrace of Player Expression and Fashion Trends

The WNBA has made strides in highlighting player expression and fashion trends through initiatives like The W in Designer blog on the league’s website. Fashion writer Kirsten Chen, known for breaking down the styles and brands worn by WNBA players, has seen increased fan engagement and opportunities for athletes due to the blog’s success. As the WNBA All-Star weekend approaches, fans can anticipate players stepping up their fashion game for the orange carpet event. Designers like Jocelyn Hu have used their platform to create unique pieces inspired by athletes’ stories, such as a custom sweater for Brittney Griner during her detainment in Russia.

### Hu’s Impact on Athletes and the Fashion Industry

Hu’s designs have captured the essence of different athletes and their stories, resonating with fans and team officials alike. Her collaboration with Mitchell & Ness and work with sports icons like Spike Lee and Allen Iverson have solidified her presence in the fashion industry. By incorporating storytelling elements into her designs, Hu aims to evoke emotions and pride in those who wear her creations. Collaborations with Google Pixel and the NBA further showcase her ability to blend sports and fashion seamlessly.

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