Zelensky criticizes Modi’s meeting with Putin on same day as devastating Russian attack on Ukrainian hospital

Indian Prime Minister’s Visit to Moscow Draws Criticism Amidst Russian Attacks

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed disappointment over Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Moscow, labeling it a blow to peace efforts. Modi met with Russian President Vladimir Putin as Russian missiles targeted Ukrainian cities, resulting in casualties and destruction.

Meeting Details

During the meeting, Modi and Putin engaged in various activities, including hugging, sharing tea, riding in an electric vehicle, and watching a horse show. Zelensky’s criticism stemmed from the timing of the meeting, which coincided with deadly Russian attacks.

Response and Announcements

Modi did not directly address the strikes during his visit but focused on praising the strong relations between India and Russia. He announced the opening of two new consulates in Russian cities to enhance travel and business opportunities between the two nations.

Deadly Assault

The Russian missile strikes targeted several Ukrainian cities, resulting in a significant number of casualties, including children. The attack on Kyiv’s children’s hospital led to the death of numerous individuals and forced medical staff to relocate patients to safety.

International Response

The United Nations human rights chief condemned the attack, highlighting the chaos and disruption caused by the strike on the hospital. Russia claimed its forces targeted military facilities and air bases in Ukraine, attributing the hospital damage to a Ukrainian missile.

Visit Significance

Modi’s visit to Russia signifies the enduring relationship between the two countries, despite concerns raised by the United States. The trip aims to strengthen bilateral cooperation and address various regional and global issues of mutual interest.

Trade Relations

Trade between India and Russia has been substantial, primarily driven by energy cooperation. Modi’s discussions with Putin are expected to address the trade imbalance and explore opportunities for enhancing economic ties between the two nations.

Global Support

The international community, including US President Joe Biden and NATO allies, has condemned Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. Calls for standing with Ukraine and supporting peace efforts have intensified in response to the escalating conflict.

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