10-Year-Old California Boy Allegedly Fatally Shot by Mother Following Bike Race Loss

Tragic Shooting Incident: 10-Year-Old California Boy Fatally Shot After Bicycle Race

Tragic Shooting Incident: 10-Year-Old California Boy Fatally Shot After Bicycle Race

Angry Shooting After Bicycle Race Leads to Young Boy’s Death

Heartbreaking news has emerged from Foothill Farms, California, where a 10-year-old boy tragically lost his life after being shot by another 10-year-old. The incident occurred after an informal bicycle race, where the shooter, in a fit of anger, opened fire on his fellow racer.

Details Revealed by Grieving Mother

The devastated mother of the victim, Brittani Frierson, shared the details of the incident. According to Frierson, her son Keith “KJ” Frierson was shot and killed by the shooter, who turned violent after losing the race. Frierson gathered this information from a neighbor’s child who witnessed the incident.

Permission Granted for a Tragic Race

Frierson had given KJ permission to participate in the bicycle race, as it was a gift he had eagerly asked for during Christmas. Little did she know that this innocent race would end in such a tragic manner. Just moments after KJ set off on his bike, Frierson was alerted by neighbors banging on her door, informing her that something terrible had happened to her son.

A Mother’s Unimaginable Grief

Frierson expressed her grief, recalling the unbearable moment when she saw her child lying on the ground with no chance of survival. The pain and shock were overwhelming, and she knew instantly that her beloved son was gone forever.

fatal shooting victim
Keith “KJ” Frierson. Courtesy family.

Suspects Arrested and Charged

Authorities wasted no time in apprehending the shooter and his father. The shooter, whose identity is being withheld due to his status as a juvenile, has been booked on suspicion of murder. His father, Arkete Davis, faces charges of possession of a firearm by a felon, criminal storage of a firearm, carrying a stolen loaded firearm in a vehicle, child endangerment, and acting as an accessory to a crime after the fact.

Attempt to Dispose of Evidence

Investigations revealed that Davis attempted to dispose of the gun in a trash can after the attack. It was later discovered that the gun had been stolen and improperly stored.

A Tragic Turn of Events

Although there are conflicting accounts of the events leading up to the shooting, Frierson shared that the neighbor’s child informed her that the shooter, filled with anger after losing the race, retrieved a gun and returned without uttering a word. It was then that he callously shot KJ in the neck.

A Son Remembered

KJ was a remarkable young boy, described by his mother as generous, smart, friendly, inquisitive, and helpful. He was known for his kind acts, such as assisting older women in the neighborhood with their groceries. Everyone who met KJ recognized the goodness within him.

A Loss Felt by Many

KJ had found a sense of community and joy as a member of the Sacramento Youth Football team Jr. Football Mustangs. The team expressed their deep sorrow, stating that KJ would be greatly missed by his teammates and the entire Mustangs family.

A Friend Turned Tragic Perpetrator

Frierson revealed that the shooting suspect would often visit her home, seeking to play with her children. She expressed her heartbreak over the fact that her son was allegedly killed by someone he considered a friend. Frierson also accused the suspect’s father of being careless with a firearm, emphasizing the need for responsible gun ownership.

“For you to be so careless, to have something like that — a gun — easily accessible to your 10-year-old child, it just says a lot about you,” Frierson said, addressing Davis.

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