3 Simple Ways to Shed Pounds Before Summer, According to a Fitness Coach

### Jenna Rizzo’s Weight Loss Strategies for Summer

As summer approaches, Jenna Rizzo, a renowned women’s weight loss coach from Georgia, has shared three simple strategies to help shed excess pounds before the season arrives. Rizzo emphasizes the importance of gradual change over sudden transformations, stating that steady progress leads to long-lasting results. According to The New York Post, Rizzo’s tips focus on achievable steps for sustainable weight loss.

### Gamify Physical Activity

Rizzo’s first tactic involves “gamifying” physical activity. Instead of spending hours at the gym, she recommends setting personal challenges like reaching a daily step count or engaging in 30 minutes of exercise. By adding rewards or prizes to these goals, individuals can create a more active lifestyle without feeling overwhelmed. This aligns with advice from health authorities like the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, which highlight the benefits of regular moderate-intensity exercise in reducing disease risk.

### Incorporate the “One-Scoop Rule” for Diet Improvement

Another strategy introduced by Rizzo is the “one-scoop rule” for dietary changes. Rather than trying drastic diet overhauls, she suggests adding a serving of fruits or vegetables to meals. This gradual approach uses psychological nudges to encourage long-term healthy eating habits, echoing recommendations from organizations like the American Heart Association.

### Prioritize Adequate Sleep

Lastly, Rizzo emphasizes the importance of getting enough sleep, recommending at least seven hours per night. She points out the crucial role of sleep in hormone regulation, mood management, and reducing unhealthy cravings. Research supports this view, with studies showing a link between sufficient sleep and improved metabolic function and weight control.

By following Rizzo’s three easy-to-implement strategies – gamifying activity, following the one-scoop rule, and prioritizing sleep – individuals can set themselves on a path to achieving their weight loss goals before summer hits. Embracing these tips can lead to improved health and well-being without the need for drastic measures.

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