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The Shift in Climate Advocacy

Recent surveys show that Generation Z is more concerned about inflation than climate change. This shift in priorities has led to protests against rising housing costs and stagnant wages, indicating a growing focus on economic issues.

Creating a Political Mandate for Climate Action

To gain support for climate action, advocates must demonstrate how decarbonizing buildings and cities will improve people’s lives. Emphasizing benefits such as lower heating costs and increased job opportunities, especially for marginalized communities, is crucial.

Leading with People’s Priorities

Instead of emphasizing climate data and science, climate advocates should prioritize what people care about most – economic issues. By showcasing the real-life benefits of climate action, such as improved living conditions and job prospects, advocates can garner wider support.

The Urgency of Visible Benefits

In light of a growing backlash against climate policies worldwide, it is essential for people to see and experience the tangible benefits of climate action. This urgency is particularly crucial given the reactionary responses to climate initiatives in various European countries.

Global Backlash Against Climate Policies

From farmers’ protests in the Netherlands to challenges against heating infrastructure in Germany, climate action is facing opposition across Europe. The weaponization of climate policies, evident in movements like the Yellow Vests in France, highlights the need for a strategic approach to climate advocacy.

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