Act to Reduce Inflation in the Upper Mississippi and Illinois River Basin

Nature-Based Resiliency Projects

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Protecting Wildlife Habitats

Discover seven nature-based resiliency projects in the Upper Mississippi and Illinois River basin, spanning across five midwestern states. This area boasts extensive bottomland forests, wetlands, and riverine habitats that are crucial for 60% of the country’s migrating birds and 40% of North America’s waterfowl, along with a diverse range of fish and wildlife.

Nature-Based Solutions

Allocated under the Inflation Reduction Act, a whopping $10 million has been dedicated to these projects, marking the largest climate investment in history towards nature-based resiliency and restoration efforts.

By implementing strategies like levee removal or setbacks, reconnecting flood plain wetlands and backwaters, and introducing climate-adaptive infrastructure with native plant species, these projects aim to mitigate flood and drought risks while promoting the well-being of fish and wildlife populations.

Community Benefits

Additionally, these initiatives will not only enhance recreational activities such as hunting, fishing, and wildlife viewing but will also provide neighboring communities with essential environmental services like clean water, air quality improvement, and potential reductions in flood and drought impacts.

Government Initiatives

The Department of the Interior, through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act, is committing over $2 billion to revitalize the nation’s lands and waters. An investment of more than $120 million from the Inflation Reduction Act has been announced to rebuild and restore units of the National Wildlife Refuge System and state wildlife management areas affected by adverse weather events.

Restoration Opportunities

The nature-based resiliency projects in the Upper Mississippi and Illinois River basin present a unique opportunity to address restoration needs and minimize the impacts of climate change on the ecosystem, benefiting both wildlife and local communities.

Project name State County Funding
Rush Lake Water Control Structure Adaptive Replacement IA Louisa $55,000
Tarr Marsh Climate Resiliency and Restoration Project IA Jackson $345,915
Building Resilience in America’s Big River Forests IL, IA, MN, MO, WI Multiple $1,110,000
Guttenberg Ponds Connection IA Clayton $500,000
Treatment of Bottomland Hardwood Forest MO Wayne, Stoddard $577,500
Replacement and Improvement of Water Control Structures on Ditches 1 and 2 MO Wayne, Stoddard $1,251,000
Upper Mississippi River Pool 6 Sam Gordy’s Slough Connectivity Restoration Project WI Buffalo $250,000

Collaborating with state partners, these investments focus on completing large-scale projects that benefit conservation areas, underserved communities, and Tribal interests, aligning with the America the Beautiful Initiative by the Biden-Harris administration.

Learn more about our work through the Inflation Reduction Act.

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