Arrest of Denham Springs man for breaching US Capitol in Jan. 6 attack

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Denham Springs Man Faces Federal Charges for Involvement in Jan. 6 Capitol Attack

In a recent development, a Denham Springs resident, Randy Verdun Sr., was apprehended on May 23rd and is now facing federal charges linked to the events of January 6.

Allegations Against Randy Verdun Sr.

Charges brought against Verdun include entering a restricted building, disorderly conduct, and participating in demonstrations within the Capitol building.

Reports indicate that Verdun attended a rally at the U.S. Capitol in support of former President Donald Trump on the fateful day. The gathering escalated into chaos as barricades were breached, windows shattered, and the proceedings of the House and Senate were disrupted.

Identification and Confrontation

The FBI received incriminating photographs of Verdun at the scene, sporting distinctive attire that matched his description.

During an interrogation on April 16, Verdun admitted to being present in the photos and disclosed that he entered the Capitol amidst clashes between rioters and law enforcement.

Timeline of Events

CCTV footage suggests that Verdun entered the premises around 2:25 p.m., shortly after the breach of the Senate Wing doors. He was observed moving with the crowd towards the Capitol Crypt, documented in a bystander’s video.

After a brief exit and re-entry, Verdun remained within the building until approximately 3 p.m., when Capitol Police successfully expelled the rioters.

Legal Proceedings and Arrest

Following further investigation, Verdun was taken into custody in Baton Rouge, as detailed in official court documents.

Investigators also confirmed that Verdun’s phone was within the Capitol premises during the tumultuous events.

The Conclusion

With mounting evidence and testimony, the case against Randy Verdun Sr. continues to unfold, shedding light on the events of January 6.

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