Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on Water Supplies in National Parks (U.S. National Park Service)

NPS Water Supply Project

National Park Service Water Supply Project

A river passes in the foreground as tall sandstone peaks rise in the distance.
Angels Landing and the Virgin River

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The NPS Water Supply Security Project

Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)” paraid=”534034117″>The National Park Service (NPS) is embarking on a significant initiative aimed at enhancing the safety and sustainability of water supplies within NPS properties. This multifaceted endeavor includes evaluating the susceptibility of park water sources to climate change impacts, proposing adaptation strategies, creating geospatial tools, scrutinizing NPS water rights, and identifying crucial water data gaps. Climate change vulnerability assessments (CCVAs) will be grounded in scientific insights, taking into account climate change repercussions, adaptation possibilities, resource protection priorities, and water policy constraints.

Reasons Behind the Project

Why? Water is a fundamental necessity for NPS operations, serving various functions such as sustaining visitors, park personnel, firefighting operations, irrigation, and concessions. The looming threat of climate change jeopardizes the availability and quality of water resources, necessitating a thorough evaluation of their vulnerability. Preserving robust NPS water supplies in the face of aging infrastructure, escalating water demands, and mounting pressures on water sources from climate change, population growth, and commercial activities near parks demands a profound comprehension of hydrological systems and strategic investments in NPS water infrastructure based on scientific insights.

Additional Aspects of the Project

What Else? Climate change vulnerability assessments and water rights evaluations will be specifically carried out for high-priority parks with pressing water supply enhancement requirements and/or suspected vulnerabilities.

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